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A story of success

At the past all my ambitious was having a small amount of social media followers and train anyone , making a good transformation for him and show everyone my work and how talanted iam

And now after five years of hard work giving everything tears , blood and hustle i did it and opened my certified company A7md-zoher for online coaching and my website is now live!

This was one of my dreams that written five years ago and now the dream come true!

Did you know why i launch this website? Due to the big number of clients i have now which exceeds 4000 clients in my company so i need to take my business to the next level

I read all your positve comments and your usual support for me this comments as result of loving me personally not only trainer and trainee

I realised the real meaning of being an influencial person more than being famous i do not know how all of this happened from a beginner athelete to a professional one to a certified percsion nutrition to 4000+ clients to a good number of social media following all of this in five years only thank allah for all of this thanks forr your support

Another projects

fire diet resturant that offer more than 90 item wich all are healthy and calories calculated
Fire supplements wich provide all kinds of supplements

Trainees Opinion

My captain who stood beside me in the championship and was more than my brother Lea. Thank you for everything I did from the best coaches in the world.
Mohamed Bahrawi
I am not forgetting what you did with me at the time of the championship and your tiredness. What you worked hard with me. May the Lord honor you and help you, my love, and is always successful
Hany Khamis
I learned a lot from you and changed my life for the better, and you were the best evidence for me in this journey, may God always help you, dear
Abdullah Dail

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You will recieve your program within 5-8 days

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